New Zenler Vs Teachable Vs Thinkific

New Zenler vs Teachable vs Thinkific: Which is Best in 2021? (Comparison)

Online learning has become hugely popular among students and professionals from all walks of life. And if you’re looking to make money online by selling online courses, three of the most popular platforms to use are NewZenler vs Teachable vs Thinkific.

According to a report, the eLearning industry is likely to gain a market size of $240 billion by 2023.

Ease of access, instant reach to world-class educational content, and the ability to learn at your own pace make online learning an attractive option for students.

Learners from all over the world – be it students or professionals – can connect with world-class teachers and learn pretty much anything online.

If you are planning to launch your own online course website, then you need the best platform to do it.

And three names that come to mind are New Zenler, Teachable and Thinkific. But the question is, which one is the best?

To figure that out, you need to gauge all the features of each platform to understand what you need before making your final decision.

However, it can be time-consuming to research these platforms.

To make your job easier, this guide breaks down New Zenler vs Teachable vs Thinkific based on features, price, revenue potential, and more.

In this article, we are going to challenge New Zenler vs Teachable vs Thinkific to a duel, of sorts. It’s up to you to judge and rate each “opponent’s” features as connected to your budget and pretend to have needs. Keep reading to find out which comes out upon peak.  

Let us get started.

The Next Big Thing in Online Course Platforms vs Online Learning Platforms

Online Course Platforms

Online course platforms (New zenler, Teachable & Thinkific) are software-based solutions that support you to plot, Build, host and sell online courses.

As the administrator, you will have unlimited rules well along than each and every one flow, from planning to marketing. You will have the authority to offer admission for the users, which means you can choose and live with your instructors and students.

These platforms will agree to you choose the host medium, which gives you the option of hosting your classes where your audience is at.

Online Learning Platforms

Online learning platforms in credit to the additional hand, are more of a course marketplace.

You have every substitute educator from interchange fields, hosting their classes in commonly shared heavens. When you sign, you will be provided considering the provision to upload your classes.

These forums will resign yourself to a little commission from your fade away and realize all the action for you. Once it is all ended, you will be paid each and every one era a student opts for your class. Although this seems subsequently a permitted substitute, you will not have recommendations beyond who chooses your class and how it is sold.

You will have to have enough maintenance away from a major part of your ownership.

After scouring the internet for perspicacity, I discovered that there are nearly no New Zenler vs Teachable vs Thinkific comparisons. This comes as a wonder to me, past not only is New Zenler one of the hottest connection e-learning platforms, but its similarities to one of the biggest veterans in the game, Kajabi, is striking (especially subsequent to you comparing costs!).

New Zenler vs Teachable vs Thinkific : Overview

New Zenler is the First Ever Course Platform built around Sales & Marketing · With New Zenler, all the tools you need in one place. · Loved by thousands of Course creators.

The New Zenler is one of the course creation & establishment tools. New Zenler is a learning management system (LMS) and an online training course builder that allows users to plan, design, name and host their course in a structured way. It aims to offer a virtual feel that resembles a classroom setup for students, professionals and educators

As a beginner, if you are looking to insist on a faithful community, subsequently most educators would counsel opting for an online course platform. That is because you can have inflexible ownership of your courses and you can construct a mighty student community pertaining to your niche.

It is then building your own virtual world, otherwise sharing the way of living things together in addition to many others. This is why beginners and little companies are always seeking for the best course platform in the market.

One such online course platform which is most sought after is Zenler..

Some of the most prominent features of New Zenler are:

With the calculation and bigger, NewZenler, coming into the market, the company is looking to manage to pay for a comprehensible, fanatically handy, resolute idea for course creators to make an organized and structured curriculum. Although it is yet in the Beta phase.

New Zenler comes packed following features such as benefit dealing out, go ahead lead management, progress tracker and marketing funnel.

Zenler is indeed a hard to emphasize software. These New Zenler reviews will cover all the bases for you to make an informed decision on the product.

Teachable was founded in 2014 and currently has 83,000 instructors and 23 million students.

Some of the most prominent features of Teachable are:

Thinkific powers over 40,000 course creators and over 30 million online classes. It allows anyone to sell courses and membership sites all in one place.

Thinkific has around 100 dedicated employees and provides its services in over 15 countries. Through its video and assignment-based learning tools, the platform has revolutionized the way people are learning and earning through online channels.

Some of the most prominent features of Thinkific are:

The main difference between the three is that Teachable provides better marketing features, while Thinkific offers better site design and New Zenler offers both the site design and marketing features with the automations without paying more cost.

However, with so many other features, we need to dig deeper before deciding.

Let’s get started.

New Zenler vs Teachable vs Thinkific: Which is Best?

1. Performance and Uptime Review.

You would never want your course builder to be down while prospective learners are either about to buy or taking lessons.

Apart from the loss in revenue, it will seriously damage your brand image. Therefore, it is crucial you have minimal downtime.

Thinkific offers 24/7 monitoring of the website to make sure it is up all the time. On top of that, the platform claims to have an excellent 99.9% uptime.

thinkific uptime

The support team at Teachable also continually monitors the platform to make sure that the site is always up and running efficiently.

However, to free yourself from any doubt, you can check their uptimes here:

When you go through both the links, you will find out that Teachable has more incidents of downtime than Thinkific.

Some of the common issues reported were:

However, Thinkific has also faced downtime and problems with responsiveness in the past. But all of the issues were fixed on priority, and the platform is delivering efficient performance.

Aside from this, Thinkific has categorically mentioned an uptime of 99.9% and 24/7 monitoring on its corporate website, which is a very transparent move. You can’t see any such claim on the official website of Teachable.

With round the clock monitoring of the website and over 99 percent of uptime, Thinkifc emerges as the clear winner when it comes to delivering a maximum amount of uptime.

2. Ease of Use for Course Creation.

It is essential to have an online course platform that is intuitive and user-friendly. There is no point in having a capable platform with a complex user interface that you are unable to operate.

Here are some of the key features that make New Zenler an easy-to-use platform:

Teachable also offers a list of features that makes the platform highly functional and easy to use.

Here are some of the most prominent features of Teachable that makes it an easy-to-use platform:

Here are some of the key features that make Thinkific an easy-to-use platform:

Thinkific Course Creation

Winner: Both Teachable & New Zenler..

Teachable & New Zenler offers more options to customize your website easily. Additionally, all design features are pretty easy to use and even a beginner with minimal technical expertise can use the platform.

3. Marketing Features.

Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful course launch. An intuitive marketing strategy can ramp up the number of students going through your course.

While course marketplaces like Udemy and Skillshare offer a platform already full of students, they pay you less money per course sale. The only downside is that Thinkific and Teachable both require you to market yourself.

Hence, look for an online course platform that offers all the capabilities and tools that you need to run a successful marketing campaign.

All three platforms come equipped with a strong set of marketing tools.

New Zenler Marketing:

New Zenler offers a longer list of marketing tools that you can leverage to run highly optimized and personalized marketing campaigns. Its marketing suite is capable of managing more complex marketing with more ease and clarity.

4. Customer Support.

From the time you start setting up your online course service website to the time you need to fix operational issues, you need robust customer support. And when you face any problem, you need proactive help for instant and easy resolution.

Without efficient customer support, it would become challenging to deliver flawless service and achieve customer support.

Here All the three online learning platforms offer a robust repository of online tutorials and provide customer service through support tickets. The response time for support tickets is 24 hours or more. Moreover, these three platforms also have a robust community on social media, including Facebook. Users can go there as well to have a quick resolution of queries.

All the platforms New Zenler, Teachable and Thinkific offer robust customer support via:

  • Support tickets
  • Online tutorials
  • Onboarding
  • Emails
  • Active Facebook
  • groups for queries
  • Knowledge base

However, Teachable provides real-time live chat customer support as well on its Professional plan. And no other form of help comes close to live support.

With New Zenler and Thinkific, you have to fill out a form or send a support mail id to get in touch with the customer support team. There’s no way of getting in touch with them directly since it doesn’t offer real-time support.

However, Thinkific has a slight edge over Teachable as its responses are more relevant and personalized. Its support agents also respond to queries faster and work on weekends as well, while Teachable customer support is not available on the weekend.

Winner: It’s a Draw!

New Zenler’s & Thinkific customer support is more proactive, and the staff is more trained to resolve issues efficiently. Also, its turnaround time of paid tickets is much lesser than Teachable. However, Teachable has a considerable edge since it offers live chat support.

So, if you come to think of it, all the platforms have their positives and negatives when it comes to customer support. Hence, it’s a draw!

5. Payment Integrations.

Amid prevailing data security concerns, you simply can’t do without robust and secure payment integration. The good news is that all the three platforms New Zenler, Teachable and Thinkific offer reliable integration with PayPal and Stripe.

With New Zenler, Connect your Razorpay account and start processing payments immediately with Razorpay. Each Payment on your site using Razorpay goes directly to your Razorpay account.

New Zenler is a clear winner as it allows users to leverage tools like RazorPay Directly and also With its ability to integrate third-party tools as well.

6. Pricing Plans.

Being one of the most affordable platforms that are currently available, Zenler offers two annual plans on its website.

There is a ‘Pro’ Plan that is priced at $447/year and a ‘Premium’ Plan is priced at $1167/year.

The difference between these plans is the features offered. As a course creator, you can choose a plan based on your requirements. Let us compare both plans, based on the information given on their website.

Once, you sign up, you can send a mail to [email protected] to get the link for 47$/Month or you can avail 447$/Year Plan

Teachables also provides a wide array of pricing plans, including Basic, Professional, and Business plans, costing $29, $79 and $399, respectively.

you also get a freemium plan that provides basic features.

Here are some of the most prominent features included in all the paid plans.

Thinkific offers a 20 percent discount on its annual subscriptions. Its Free, Basic, Thinkific Plus and Pro plans start from $39 per month billed annually.

Thinkific also provides a free plan with a core feature set, including three courses, unlimited students, quizzes & surveys, content hosting, and instant access to funds.

Users can also leverage the free plan to start an online learning business without any upfront costs. And business owners can expand through a paid plan easily.

New Zenler offers a Basic plan There is a ‘Pro’ Plan that is priced at $447/year and a ‘Premium’ Plan is priced at $1167/year.

From looking at the features provided in both plans, it is clear that this platform is totally worth its price. If you are a beginner, this is a great place to start since it integrates several tools into one platform. 

New Zenler vs Teachable vs Thinkific: Highlights.

NewZenler vs Teachable vs Thinkific

Wrap Up:

This in-depth comparison between All the three New Zenler, Teachable and Thinkific is going to help you make an informed decision. All these three are the online course platforms that offer a robust online platform solution. However, the final decision to pick the one is subjective and depends on your requirements.

In my opinion, New Zenler offers a higher number of features that can help you launch an online learning service quickly while driving growth. It should be the preferred choice of businesses that are looking for a no-nonsense platform offering precise features with high reliability, marketing automation and security with minimum cost.

Thinkific Is also offers a robust online course platform solution. The free version is a great USP of the online course platform that users can leverage to gauge its various features and tools.

Teachable also offers a robust online course platform solution. Its drag and drop builder is a useful USP. However, it lags in certain vital areas, such as asking for transaction fees and providing a tax calculation tool with limited capabilities.

Evaluate all the features judiciously against your specific requirements to make sure you pick the most suitable option.

Get started with New Zenler today with $47/Month.

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